Lazy J2 Grass Fed Cattle Ranch for Sale- Property Details

Grass and Cottonwoods overlooking valley, mountains

The 952.1 deeded acres are comprised of large pastures of softly rolling grasslands, dotted with cottonwoods and oaks. There are three windmills on the deeded property that supply livestock water to multiple sights in each pasture. These wells have been improved with additional storage tanks and watering troughs. There are 80 acres of flat land along the Santa Cruz River plain that would be suitable for permanent pasture taking into consideration that 1/3 of the north end of the area has a natural water “seep” year round. There are several existing, capped wells in that pasture (well conditions are unknown).

Golden grass and Windmill

The headquarters includes: a rustic 1500 sq ft. house, ramada, extensive gardens with automatic sprinkler irrigation system, equipment garage/workshop, feed storage, tack room, outdoor bathroom with shower, 6 large 3″ pipe corrals/holding pens, squeeze chute, loading chute.


The US Forest Service allotment carries 142 head year round and is made up of five large pastures with two windmills. Vegetation includes oaks, manzanita, pinion pine, and all species of Sonoran natural grasses.

The Lazy J2 Ranch can be purchased intact
or as one of two smaller parcels.

The property purchased intact: 952.1 deeded acres + 5112 USFS. If purchased intact then the San Rafael Valley Grass-Fed Beef Business and the cattle will be included in the price.



Lazy J2 NORTH:
520 deeded acres with a 20 acre, oak studded building envelope adjacent to US Forest Service land; working windmill with submersible pump and 20,000 gallon open ring tank, natural stock tank, enclosed 2500 gallon closed water storage and livestock drinkers.

Lazy J2 SOUTH:
432.1 deeded acres – 17.8 building site including existing headquarters. Charming 1500 sq foot – 1 bedroom house with wrap around screened porch, fireplace, heat pump & air conditioning; all new electric appliances [Stove, Oven, Microwave, Washer & Dryer] Extensive irrigation system to support mature trees and landscaping + 50×50 raised bed vegetable garden. Includes: shop, hay & grain storage, tack-room with hot & cold water and attached shower/toilet. Two working windmills with submersible pumps, two 20,000 gallon open ring tanks and multiple livestock drinkers; all pipe corrals, loading & squeeze chutes, 60’ sand round pen.

The first interested buyer may purchase the Cattle and the Grass-Fed Beef Business for an additional negotiated price.

Value Range: $3.2 – $6.9 Million


Lazy J2 Ranch Details:

  • The Lazy J2 Ranch lies in the center of the valley which gives it a full panorama of grasslands and surrounding mountains. It has spectacular views.


  • The terrain of the J2 land is softly rolling high Sonoran dessert grasslands with a scattering of oaks and cottonwood trees along the tributaries to the Santa Cruz River.


  • There are three windmills on the deeded property with an extensive water systems that cover all nine of the deeded pastures and enclosures that are for sale. Wells are less than 150 feet deep and standing water is within the first 15 feet.

  • The Lazy J2 Ranch has two large building home sites, the remainder of the land is covered by conservation easements, which not only protect the pristine vistas but, add value to the property. Because 80% of the private property in the San Rafael Valley is under conservation easements, the ability to have a home within the San Rafael will be limited and therefore secure the property’s exclusivity today and in the future.


Headquarters and Homesite #1:

  • The headquarters home site is surveyed at 17.8 acres. If the ranch is purchased intact it would be ideal as living quarters for a caretaker or ranch foreman as it is positioned at the entrance to the ranch property and is the site of all of the corrals and cattle handling facilities.


  • At the current headquarters there is a rustic house, equipment garage/storage/shop, small feed storage that are connected and made of wood over metal supports. Standing separately is a tack room/chicken coup/bathroom with shower and toilet. This structure is cinder and glass block with heavy steel doors to protect tack.
  • There are pipe corrals that include six large pens, squeeze chute, calf pen, and cattle-truck loading chute, butchering rig.
  • The house is small rustic and charming. It is approximately 1500 square feet with a sleeping area and living room separated by a rock fireplace. There is a full kitchen and shower bathroom. A screened veranda has been built as a wrap-around on three sides of the house that overlook the garden and the Canelo hills to the north.
  • There is a fireplace as well as an air conditioning unit for both heating and cooling.


  • Mail service is out of Patagonia. A postbox maybe installed on the county road.
  • There are underground utilities to the house. Electricity and phone is serviced out of Nogales. All utilities have been installed underground throughout the valley. The Lazy J2 is the last property that receives electrical service. Propane is supplied from Nogales or Sierra Vista.
  • There are five telephone lines in the house, available for phone, computer and fax.
  • All appliances are new and purchased in 2010. All appliances are electric.
  • There is installed Dish/Direct TV and WiFi High Speed Internet.
  • Water is supplied from the home windmill and submersible pump that supply two pressure tanks. A 2500 gallon storage tank with solar panel pressure system is under construction.


  • There is an extensive irrigation system and automatic sprinkler timers for the yard, permanent pasture and 50 x 50 vegetable garden.
  • Perennial gardens contain roses, wisteria, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, and lawn. Mature trees include two sycamore trees, a New Mexico Cottonwood and several Arizona Cottonwood within the house compound.
  • There is a Coleman five person Jacuzzi and exercise gym.
  • Taxes are assessed for Santa Cruz County and are under $800 dollars a year.


20 Acre home site #2:

  • The second home site is at the far north eastern corner of the property amongst a stand of oaks in the 40 acre “Apache Pasture”. This home site is contiguous to the US forest service property which will further protect vistas, privacy and exclusivity.


  • The second home site is approximately 20 acres in size.


  • An underground utility easement is provided to the property line. All utilities, including phone must be installed underground.
  • Valley stewardship would encourage homes designed in a south-western/ranch/Santa Fe architectural. Protection of the night skies is important so bright and intense lighting is prohibited including, intense exterior lighting, lit tennis courts and roping arenas.


  • The residents and ranch owners in the San Rafael Valley have worked diligently to ensure the pristine quality of the valley. To that end the open vistas have been protected and are to remain free of additional fencing in what is called The Airplane Pasture. Electrical and or temporary fencing maybe utilized to control livestock, but that can be naturally done, without additional fencing by utilizing the existing location of watering tanks which naturally pull animals to different sectors of the largest pastures.





U.S. Forest Allotment:

  • The Lazy J2 Ranch has 952.1 acres of deeded FOR SALE, plus a US forest allotment, named the A Bar Draw which consists of approximately 5112+ acres that is governed by the Coronado National Forest Office in Sierra Vista.
  • Although the “A Bar Draw Allotment of 5112 acres has been part of the ranch property for 60+ years it still must be noted that the “issuance of US Forest Service Grazing Allotments are at the discretion of the United States Forest Service”
  • The A Bar Draw allotment has a year round 142 head capacity.
  • The Forest Allotment contains five large pastures with two windmills and multiple dirt tanks known as Apache, Picnic, Double Tanks, Bishop, Leslie and Dove. These named tanks are holding water well but are due for cleaning which must be done in May and June when they are empty. Multiple smaller water catches exist through out the property. Tributaries and rivers run with the winter and Monsoon rains.
  • Vegetation includes, oaks, manzanita, pinion pine and all of the Sonoran grass types. Curly Grahma, Bearded Grahma, Blue Grahma, Side Oats, Arizona Cotton Top, Laimans Love Grass and assorted forbes and annuals.


“This property is offered subject to prior sale, change in price, or withdrawal from market, without notice. The information herein is from sources we deem reliable, but for which we assume no responsibility.