Lazy J2 Grass Fed Beef Ranch- Sales Points & General Information

Sales Points to Consider:



  • This is a unique opportunity. Ranches in the San Rafael Valley are typically held for generations and rarely on the market. Any property in the valley is a trophy acquisition as it’s beauty and rich history are highly acclaimed by people who know of it’s existence.
  • The San Rafael Valley is stunningly beautiful; a hidden and pristine part of un-touched Arizona and the American West. The Lazy J2 lies in the very center of the valley, which provides both sweeping vistas of open waving grasses and stands of mature oak trees. Rivers, streams and springs run with the monsoons, providing livestock watering and sustenance for the graceful cottonwoods along their banks.


  • 80 % of the deeded property in the San Rafael is under conservation easements making any home site in the valley extremely valuable.
  • Interest rates will not be this attractive for some time in the future.
  • Only 13 to 17% of land in Arizona is privately held.
  • The San Rafael Valley is one of the last intact short-grass prairies in the western United States, the San Rafael Valley is also the headwaters of the Santa Cruz River. The watershed of the surrounding Coronado National Forest feeds the deep aquifer that lies beneath the valley floor.


  • The San Rafael Valley is not well known to the public, but for those who do know of its existence, it is one of Arizona’s most prestigious places to live and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States.
  • It has been the site of many Hollywood films, including one of the most famous, “Oklahoma” which was filmed on the property.


  • Land is rarely for sale in the San Rafael.
  • The San Rafael Valley has a rich history. It was one of the first places, within the current borders of the United States that was taken in the name of Spain. A Spanish Friar, named Fray Ninza, arrived in the valley in the early 1500s and designated the valley as property of the Spanish crown. San Rafael de la Zanja is one of the two remaining Spanish Land Grants in Southern Arizona.
  • Today the 20,000 deeded acres of the San Rafael de Zanja Land Grant has been placed under 100% conservation easements, eliminating any future development of any kind.


  • The north fence of the San Rafael de Zanja Grant, known as the San Rafael Cattle Company, is the Lazy J2 Ranch’s south fence.
  • There are only three ranches north of the San Rafael de Zanja, The Lazy J2, The Vaca, and the Little Outfit.


“This property is offered subject to prior sale, change in price, or withdrawal from market, without notice. The information herein is from sources we deem reliable, but for which we assume no responsibility.