Lazy J2 Ranch Estates North 520 ac

Red Mountain – Saddle Mountain and Mount Wrightson on the horizon of J2 Ranch Estate North
Lazy J2 North is 520 acres of sweeping vistas and a 360 degree pristine panorama of stunning grassland.
Monsoon green and the valley looks like Ireland
Stunning Winter gold and blue
Seasonal rain brings out the wildflowers

A haven for Hikers, Mountain Biking, Bird
Watching, Photography, Artists of all mediums
and clearly an equestrian dream.
Softly rolling native grasses sweep the
landscape. The San Rafael is one of the last
intact short grass prairies left in America.
It provides one of the last intact watersheds that
feeds the headwaters of the Santa Cruz River.
Conservation easements protect these vistas in
perpetuity while offering a 20ac building
envelope in a mature grove of native oak trees.
Easements held by Arizona Land & Water Trust

Lazy J2 Ranch Estates North 520 ac


Vista from the building envelope looking south

Cattle drive headed north toward the oak strewn building site

Native mature Oak Grove

20 acre building envelope amongst
the oaks overlooks a meadow and
Cherry Creek tributary. Seasonal
rains will bring running water and is
a momentary riparian habitat.
Stunning views of the rolling
grasslands spread out on your
doorstep and the magnificent vistas
of the San Rafael Valley surround you.
Building envelope is contiguous to
USFS Coronado National Forest.

Looking east from Lazy J2 Ranch Estate North – 9000 ft Huachuca Mountains & Canelo Hills