San Rafael Valley
J2 Ranch Estates

My name is Sidney Spencer. I am selling two parcels of the Lazy J2 Ranch and I’m looking for just the right people to share the legacy of the magnificently beautiful San Rafael Valley.

This is a unique opportunity. Land in the San Rafael Valley is usually sold in tens of thousands of acres. Rarely does land go on the market at all, but is passed down within families forgenerations. Large ranch sales are normal, small tracts of land at 160, 432 and 520 acres aregenerally unheard of.

This valley is a wondrously unique place. On a human level it will touch your heart and refresh you as only beauty and wilderness can do. Because of its topographical location it is remote yet convenient to all of the conveniences of our 21st century life. Underground utilities, Wi-Fi & Satellite keep the valley both connected and views protected. The stunning vistas and proximity to Hollywood has made it a perfect location for over 50 feature films. Due to its elevation it is cool in the summer and enjoys on average 20″ of rain annually. It is a hidden treasure far from the maddening crowd.

Over 80% of the private land in the San Rafael Valley is protected by conservation easements that will keep the magnificent open vistas of this rolling and pristine grassland untouched by development in perpetuity. This makes the 20 and 17.8 acre building envelopes being offered even more valuable as there are no building envelopes on the current 80% held by Arizona Landand Water Trust.

Come and experience this incredible place for yourself. This is a chance of a lifetime. If you’d like to introduce yourself to me please give me a call at 520 841-2420 and I’d be delighted to host you at the ranch and show you the property. Please just call me directly and we will set up a time and a date.

Sidney Spencer
Ms. Sidney D. Spencer – Owner

Lazy J2 Ranch – P.O. box 547, Patagonia, Arizona, 85624, Phone Number: (520) 841-2420
Exclusive – Private – Remote – Convenient – Pristine – Historical – Stunning – rejuvenating